Novels are fantastic. I think we can agree on that. And what better way could there be to demonstrate my feelings than by reading 365 of them in the same number of days? (“Lots,” I hear you say. I pay you no heed.)

To be perfectly frank, I genuinely don’t know whether I can do this. Keeping up an average of a novel a day for an entire year is going to be a pretty tall order.

Expect PG Wodehouse to feature more heavily than unabridged Dumas. Expect my thoughts to be rambling and at times sententious. Poetry doesn’t count, although novel-equivalent collections of short stories do, and no book may count twice. I started on Sunday 18 September 2016, and am working towards a deadline of the end of Sunday 17 September 2017 – that is, midnight on the morning of the Monday. If you can’t be bothered to calculate how long that is, see here.

The list of books read is to be found here. Suggested additions welcome.

Around six o’clock in the evening of 17 September 2017 I brought the project to a successful conclusion.