30–34: The Malloreon

The richer, more mature sequel series to The Belgariad. The world becomes more nuanced, old enemies more human. The plot is slightly contrived, given how much the EVENT of the Belgariad was built up to be the ultimate decider, but I think Eddings manages it reasonably well.

A lot is run through quite quickly, until at last we’re probably somewhere around twelve or thirteen years after the end of Enchanter’s End Game. By the second book, though, we’re well into the sort of thing we recognise from the first five: the group of companions on their wide-ranging travels across the world, this time crossing the ocean to Mallorea. Some old companions are not part of the group, while new ones join in stages.

Honestly, another cracking read. (The advantage of series for me, of course, is that once the decision is made I don’t need to cast around looking for something to read next – it’s the next book in the series. Maybe I should think of another one to pick up at some point.)

Guardians of the West
Author David Eddings
Published 1987
Pages 423
Best line “Any jackass can go through life without offending people.”
Best character King Korodullin, for nothing more than the line “Sir Embrig, who – regrettably perhaps – will recover from his wounds”.

King of the Murgos
Author David Eddings
Published 1988
Pages 336
Best line Like Murder Must Advertise’s “He believed me all the time, simply because I was rude. Everyone suspects an eager desire to curry favour, but rudeness, for some reason, is always accepted as a guarantee of good faith”, we have “The thing that makes people suspicious is help that comes for no particular reason.”
Best character Urgit. “Why does it always have to be those great bongs and clangs? Someday, I’d like to tug on a bellpull and hear a tiny little tinkle.” He also has an amusing habit of calling people “old boy” when he feels in control of things.

Demon Lord of Karanda
Author David Eddings
Published 1988
Pages 391
Best character Velvet. So very much Velvet. “A gift, Harakan!”

Sorceress of Darshiva
Author David Eddings
Published 1989
Pages 390
Best character Zakath, just because I like him. Although: “The whole idea is to live, Zakath, not to die. Dying defeats the purpose.” Honourable mention to Beldin, the misshapen dwarf whose sense of beauty is exquisite; “You’re the one with an earthshaking reputation. I’m just a flunky. I’m along for comic relief,” and, echoing a notion we’ve heard before in Eddings, “Words are the core of thought. Without words there is no thought.”

Seeress of Kell
Author David Eddings
Published 1991
Pages 436
Best line “Once – just once – I’d like to see one of these stupendous events happen in good weather.”
Best character Eriond. “Eriond, Garion had noticed, was never surprised.”

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