14–18: The Belgariad

No shame. One of the best fantasy series out there, fun and funny. Eddings isn’t really a prose stylist of the calibre of some adventure writers, but he has his moments, and he more than makes up for it with vivid characterisation, some hilarious interactions (all his characters seem to share a sort of acerbic sense of dry humour to a greater or lesser extent), and the snarkiest Voice of Destiny you ever met.

If you have any inclination towards fantasy at all, you won’t be disappointed. The page counts don’t really reflect how long the books take to read – my editions certainly aren’t concerned about saving paper – but you won’t feel like you’ve been cheated. Read the prologues; they’re valuable.

Followed by The Malloreon.

Pawn of Prophecy
Author David Eddings
Published 1982
Pages 324
Best character King Fulrach and Queen Layla. The most normal monarchs you ever heard of.

Queen of Sorcery
Author David Eddings
Published 1982
Pages 439
Best character The voice in Garion’s head. It gets even better.

Magician’s Gambit
Author David Eddings
Published 1983
Pages 438
Best character Beldin. Fouler than foul.

Castle of Wizardry
Author David Eddings
Published 1984
Pages 436
Best character Ce’Nedra. Because can I get a “character growth”?

Enchanter’s End Game
Author David Eddings
Published 1985
Pages 437
Best line “The word determines the event. The word puts limits on the event and shapes it. Without the word, the event is merely a random happening. That’s the whole purpose of what you call prophecy – to separate the significant from the random.”
Best character Silk. Frankly, he’s deserved it for a while. Although it’s tempting to say Fulrach again.


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